Published: Sunday, 08 April 2018 10:25

Slurry Tankers - Lease, Hire, Finance

LEASE TO OWN your own Tanker with Nevada. How it works: 1. Pay lease amount monthly for 60 months (shorter term available) 2. Simply pay (or refinance) the residual amount (20%) at end of term and you own the tanker! Great way to help cashflow - claim GST amount on each payment as you go. Examples (based on current reduced prices... until 31/3/17, or while stocks last) Nevada 8,200Ltr manual...

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Published: Wednesday, 21 March 2018 02:00

PondBugs - Crusted Pond Treatment

Healthy effluent ponds. Healthy pasture. Get rid of crusted, smelly, poor-nutritional pond quickly. Clear, odour-free, nutrient-rich dairy effluent ponds are just a PondBug prescription away. Just one Power-Dose of PondBugs treatment initially, followed by the prescribed weekly dose will provide necessary bacteria which will keep your dairy effluent pond healthy, active and bursting with...

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Published: Wednesday, 21 March 2018 03:05

Maximising Response from Farm Dairy Effluent

Whether you use a slurry tanker, irrigation pods or travelling irrigator, there are two critical elements when applying farm dairy effluent (FDE) – correct application depth and application area. To ensure maximum response, both must be considered. Where storage is limited, farmers will usually need to apply effluent to the land in spring. If you are designing a new system, we strongly recommend...

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Published: Wednesday, 21 March 2018 01:53

The #1 mistake all farmers are making in 2017

Farming is the lifeblood of New Zealand. We’ve been working the land in this beautiful country for more than two-hundred years. And yet, according to some within the industry, the biggest risk to farming in the future is the fact that we haven't changed much since then. As technology moves forward, innovators are using the latest tools – from drones to robotics – to create new ways to farm more...

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