General FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)


Q. What is the warranty on Nevada dairy effluent equipment?

A. There is a full 2 year warranty on Nevada equipment.

Q. Who is my local area rep? 

A. See below for your regional representative:

Michael Prestidge
Phone: 09 281 5112

Andy Thomas
Phone: 06 278 8644

Lloyd Thomas
Phone: 03 928 1209

Q: Who do I contact for spare parts and after sales support?

A. Contact your regional representative for a comprehensive selection of spare parts and after sales support. Or contact the head office on free phone 0800 464 393.

Q: Are there any product demonstration videos on Nevada equipment? 

A. Yes there are. Click here for all product demo videos

Nevada Slurry Tanker FAQ's

Q. What is lowest application depth a Nevada Effluent tanker can apply to? 

A. Average application depths as low as 3mm are easily achievable, depending on spread width and travelling speed. For instance, any size tanker with an 8 metre spread width, and travelling at 8km an hour, will achieve approximately 2mm applied depth.

Q. Can your slurry tankers handle a high volume of solid content?

A. Nevada tankers in general can handle a very high level of effluent solids as the product/liquid is sucked directly into the vacuum tank (only air passes through the pump).

Q. Do your slurry tankers suck up effluent and spread it out?

A. Yes, how it operates is by creating a Vacuum inside the tank allowing the liquid/effluent to be sucked up. Once the tank is full it can be carted to the desired area of discharge. The pump is then switched to pressure which pressurises the tank and sprays the liquid/effluent out onto a spreader plate which disperses it evenly onto the ground/pasture. To view the Nevada slurry tanker in action click here.

Nevada PTO Pond Stirrer FAQ's

Q. What does 'PTO' stand for?

A. 'PTO' stands for Power Take Off (Tractor powered).

Q. What is the ideal PTO revs (rpm) for these stirrers? 

A. Ideal PTO revs (not tractor engine revs) is 450rpm

Q. What are the main benefits of using a PTO Pond Stirrer? 

A. Using a pond stirrer clears away surface crust, maintains the full storage capacity of the pond by not allowing solids to settle on the floor, and creates an even mix of nutrients when irrigating the effluent onto pasture. Using a PTO stirrer gives you the freedom to position the stirrer around the pond for optimum results.

Electric Shore Mounted Pond Stirrer FAQ's

Q. What power options are available? 

A. There are electric stirrer models available to suit almost all dairy effluent ponds, with power output ranging from 10 - 30 horsepower.

Q. Can the Nevada electric stirrers be angled and swiveled in different directions?

A. Yes, they have full angle adjustment as well as being able to swivel from left to right.

Fertigator Irrigation System FAQ's

Q. What application depths do the Fertigators apply at?

A: Click here to open a PDF of the Fertigator application chart.

Q. Can the irrigator gun on the top of the Fertigator be removed?

A: Yes, this can be very easily and quickly removed. 

Q. Will the Fertigator handle raw effluent solids?

A: Yes, it will  as they have been design as an effluent irrigator. It does depend however on the amount of solids going through. A larger nozzle size may be advisable for a system with very high solid content. There are three different nozzle sizes (10mm, 12mm & 14mm).

Nevada PondBoom FAQ's

Q. What makes a Nevada PondBoom different from a pump pontoon?

A: The Nevada PondBoom utilise a sturdy winch system which eliminates the need to walk out onto the pond. This allows the operator to retrieve and deploy the pump from the safety of shore. Service and maintenance is quicker as the pump can be quickly retracted and then deployed again avoiding the hazards normally associated with traditional pontoons.

Q. What are the main benefits of the PondBoom?

A: There are Three main benefits:

  1. Safety - No longer required to walk out on the effluent pontoon
  2. Service efficiency - It's very quick to service or check the pump as it is fast and simple to retrieve the pump to shore
  3. Reliability - Having the ability to use a reliable and proven centrifugal floating pump (most ideal for raw dairy effluent).

Q. What pumps fit onto the PondBoom?

A: Most of the main brands such as: Yardmaster, DODA and Numedic.