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Nevada and Midwest Machinery work together to provide impeccable service

Professional Foundation

History of Nevada

From the solid platform of Midwest Machinery which was established in the 1980’s, Nevada came in to being. They identified the New Zealand dairy industry as being of global importance and that sustainable dairy effluent management is integral to the industry success.

Drawing from their experience and motivated by the passion to provide farmers with much needed Safe and Reliable dairy effluent equipment. The team procured, invented and developed products to fulfil this niche.

Small steps in the early days became giant leaps in the 21st century, when new unique products were added to the range, and market share increased dramatically.


Nevada is a dedicated, friendly, co-operative team providing high quality reliable products, and safe innovative solutions to our customers for increasing profitability.


Nevada is to be the most trusted brand for farm dairy effluent equipment in Australasia.

Core Values

  • L = LOYALTY – We’ll show our devotion at all times.
  • I = INTEGRITY – Honest and upright family company.
  • F = FOCUS – We will not waste time.
  • E = ENTHUSIASM – Dynamic, innovative team with a passion for safe and reliable solutions.
  • P = PROFESSIONALISM – Tidiness and orderliness are essential.
  • S = SUSTAINABILITY – All decisions are made with a long term view.
Midwest Machinery started off supplying lawnmowers in 1980.

Midwest Machinery, established in the 1980’s, is the foundation from which Nevada was created.

Nevada 10,000 litre tanker is a most popular model.


Nevada tankers offer more features and benefits than any other tanker in NZ of the same price. We guarantee it. 
Phone Nevada for the latest Nevada Tanker Specifications.

0800 464 393

   Or view Nevada Tankers.

One of our Nevada Tankers being manufactured in Italy.

Nevada Effluent Tankers are developed to Nevada's specifications, manufactured in Italy and assembled in New Zealand.
Nevada are constantly developing and responding to feedback on our tankers in order to provide the most safe and reliable Effluent Tanker in New Zealand and Australia. 

  Nevada Dairy Effluent Equipment.

The Nevada range of Electric Pond Stirrers are developed and manufactured in Germany, using German engineering - resulting in high quality performance that outperforms any other stirrer brand in New Zealand. 

The Nevada range ofPTO Pond Stirrers are also developed and manufactured in Germany. Because Nevada PTO Stirrers are tractor mounted, using them gives the dairy farmer flexibility to maintain more than one pond.

The Nevada range of PondBooms™ are developed and manufactured in New Zealand by Nevada. Nevada created the Nevada PondBoom™ to help prevent hazards and fatalities by allowing Dairy Farmers to perform all maintenance of their effluent pump from the safety of shore. 

The Nevada range of Fertigators™ are developed and manufactured in New Zealand by Nevada. Nevada created Nevada Fertigators™ to provide a low cost way for dairy farmers to irrigate using dairy effluent.
Nevada Fertigators™ can be joined together to cover more pasture, they can be towed by an ATV and they can also be used to fertilise hillsides.