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Farm Trader Review Nevada 12800 Tanker

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At Nevada, we're constantly innovating and improving our products, and with our customers' feedback, we've done it again. Jaiden Drought at Farm Trader recently reviewed the Nevada 12,800L Tanker, and here are some of his comments...

Jaiden was impressed with the Auto-filling Arm speed
These days, a tanker with a filling arm is almost a given as this significantly increases the efficiency of the job. One of the main features of the Nevada tanker is the eight-inch filling arm which will fill the tanker in around three minutes with a PTO speed of only 385rpm.

Axles and wheels smoothing out the bumps
The tandem-axles (or tridem for that matter) run a leaf spring design which more than adequately smoothes out any bumps during transport and the rear steering axle option allows much easier gateway access. The leaf spring drawbar suspension is standard on all machines which again makes transport much smoother.

High-effeiciency Italian Vacuum Pump
The Battioni Pagani Italian-made rotary vane vacuum pump has high air flow capacity and low maintenance requirements. All in all, we're very happy for Farm Trader to say... Viva Nevada!

Read the article on the Farm Trader website here. Or download the article here

Click here for more information on Nevada's 12,800L Tanker, or phone 0800 494 323 to speak with your local representative.

Farm Trader Review Nevada 12800 Tanker

Farm Trader Review Nevada 12800 Tanker

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