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Murray Young

   Murray Young (Right) and his worker, Jaime Hellyer, are pleased with their two Nevada 10,000 litre tankers (MB100-4R)

Stir, Pump, Spread it and Go!

Murray Young - Contractor, Helensville

8 years ago Murray Young noticed that there was demand in Helensville for slurry spreading. Now he services around 15-20 farms in the Helensville area. Murray and his worker, Jamie Hellyer, find Nevada tankers so fast and efficient, that it is almost too easy.

“Once we get in there and set up, we stir, pump, spread it, and go.”

What contributed to Murray making a decision to purchase two 10,000 litre Nevada Tankers, that are still going strong, after all these years?

His answer is simple. It’s the add-ons:

Convenience - Murray admitted to really liking the fact that using the Nevada Ezi-fill meant he didn’t have to get out of the tractor seat. He could fill the tanker from the comfort of his tractor. Easy to move - The steering axles made it really handy to get out of races and into paddocks. His previous brand tanker used to cause all sorts of havoc.

Efficiency - The huge braking capacity - Murray’s client’s farm’s range from flat lands, to hilly, to working with slippery pig effluent. Good brakes are essential to the safety of his team.

Competitive Pricing - The Nevada tankers were priced competitively compared to other brands, and with the added features, the decision to choose Nevada was easy to make.

Murray said his Nevada tankers also work well for Pig effluent. He describes pig effluent as ‘magic’ fertiliser, responsible for maize cobs as big as his forearm. His only regret is that he can’t cart the stuff back to his own farm.

Murray’s clients know him by word of mouth. They get their silage done with him year after year. When an emergency pumping situation arises, Murray Young is the first person they call.

If you are in the Helensville/Waitoki area, phone Murray Young for fast and reliable service on 027 439 1923

  Do you think a Nevada Tanker could improve your farming operation? Phone Nevada to find out 0800 464 393


Murray Young - Contractor, Helensville

   Murray and Jaime use the two Nevada 10,000 litre tankers to service the Helensville/Waitoki area.
Once we get in there and set up, we stir, pump, spread it, and go.