Complete Turn-Key Effluent Pump solution

Nevada P.C. PumpSet

The modular design allows for a Simple Pump System, through to a Comprehensive  Effluent Pump package.  This is a true solution, is simple to connect and will suit many effluent situations.

The Nevada stirrer with propeller guard was perfect for our large lined pond. After only 30 minutes, the stirrer had exceeded my expectations and had the whole pond swirling.

Othmar Hebler, Taranaki Dairy Farmer
Nevada P.C. Series Pumps
Features and Benefits for PC Pump-Set

Nevada P.C. Series Pumps

Progressive cavity pumps have been in use since the 1930’s, and are used in situations where the fluid is of high viscosity, or contains fibrous particles. 

The helical rotor revolves in a static stator creating a longitudinal flow through the pump.

They are a Positive Displacement pump therefore the flow is very precise and at a constant rate directly proportional to the rotating speed regardless of the operating pressure. Pressures up to 115 metres head are possible.

Features and Benefits for PC Pump-Set

  • Shore-mounted for safe easy operation, no need for a pump pontoon.
  • Nevada PC Pump-Set’s will suck from Ponds and Sumps.
  • Low power usage. Typically only ½ the equivalent size of a centrifugal pump
  • Constant flow means optimum irrigator performance regardless of elevation or pumping distance
  • Includes Dry-run protection, blockage and leak detection, time-clock, run timer and starter in purpose built electrical cabinet to suit NZ outdoor conditions
  • 8 metre flexible Rubber suction pipe with debris cage enables suction from ponds, sumps or tanks with minimal effort or set-up cost
  • High pressure models allow you to irrigate dairy effluent with a travelling raingun to achieve lower application rates. Or to pump to higher elevations on the farm.

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Nevada products are high-quality and trusted by New Zealand farmers for safety and reliability. That is why all Nevada products are supported with a two year warranty, and backed by customer service that is second to none.
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Effluent accreditation is the Nationwide standard for compliant, high-quality, dairy effluent systems. Accreditation requires evidence and upkeep of high skill levels, knowledge and experience.
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