Nevada MB80-4R: Handles terrain smoothly

Nevada MB100-4R: Our most popular model

With a capacity of 10,000 litres, a tandem axle that conquers uneven terrain, huge flotation wheels for superior flotation, and the Nevada Ezi-load as a standard feature, there is no wonder that the 10,000 litre is our most popular model. Manufactured from the very highest-grade steel, and galvanised inside and outside for heavy duty New Zealand weather, the MB1004R is a popular investment for the future. With the addition of the Nevada Ezi-load, you can fill your slurry tanker 80% faster with the 8inch autofil, simply Stop, Drop and Go, all from the comfort of your tractor seat.

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Standard Features:

MB100-4R 10,000L 7.2m 4,780kg 12,600L/m tandem axle & rear

Nevada Ezi-load System

Filling up your tanker is a breeze with the addition of the Nevada Ezi-load system. It can be operated from the comfort of the tractor seat - all you have to do is align the filing arm with the large pond-side filling station, and drop it in. 

Loading time depends on the size of the tanker and pump capacity, but the Ezi-load will typically take only a few minutes to completely fill the tank. The arm is then lifted (again from the tractor seat)  and the tanker is ready to begin spreading to the desired location. We call this the Stop, Drop and Go system!

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Eziload Front On Cc White Background
Ezi-load filling arm

Ezi-load filling arm with huge 8" suction tube for fast loading - fully controlled by the tractor seat.

Filling arm easily adapted

Filling arm easily adapted from left or right side (takes only a minute to change).

Pond filling station

Pond filling station with large 0.5m funnel for quick alignment.

Internal baffles

Internal baffles to prevent fluid surges.

Steel implosion rings

Steel implosion rings built into tank for increased durability.

Quick-attach suction hose coupler.

Quick-attach suction hose coupler.

Double overflow protection for vacuum pump.

Double overflow protection for vacuum pump.

visual gauge

Clear visual gauge for easy viewing of effluent level.

Heavy-duty Italian vacuum pump

Heavy-duty Italian vacuum pump for high capacity loading and discharge.

Swivel tow hitch

Swivel tow hitch reduces jarring over uneven terrain.

Hydraulic parking jack

Hydraulic parking jack for quick and easy hitching.

Easy tanker angle adjustment

Easy tanker angle adjustment - for easy load adjustment on your tractor.

secondary safety catch system

Huge secondary safety catch system.

Hydraulic brakes on every wheel

Hydraulic brakes on every wheel.

Large flotation tyres for safety

Large flotation tyres for safety on rolling terrain and reduced soil compaction. 550/60 - 22.5.

Tail lights for on-road use

Tail lights for on-road use.

Rear spreader plate.

Rear spreader plate.

Large rear hatch for easy access and cleaning.

Large rear hatch for easy access and cleaning.

Pre-tensioned drawbar

Pre-tensioned drawbar suspension for smoother travelling

Optional extras:

Nevada Ezi- Empty

Nevada Ezi- Empty can be used to rapidly empty water troughs and tanks, making cleaning and maintenance much more efficient.

Attachment coupler

Attachment coupler for the Ezi-Empty attachment.

Side discharge nozzle

Side discharge nozzle for directional spreading on hillsides.

Steering rear axle

Steering rear axle to manoeuvre sharp turns.


We understand it's important to get the correct machine to suit your farming operation. That's why it can be a great option to have an on-farm demonstartion.


Test drive a Nevada


I’ve had experience using other tankers, but I prefer Nevada over any other brand. I move a lot of product in a very short time with the Ezi-Load system.


Nevada MB100-4R 

See the tandem axle in action on our most popular model - the Nevada MB1004R. Notice how easily the huge flotation wheels roll over uneven terrain.
Filling your tanker is a breeze with the Nevada Ezi-load system. Simply Stop, Drop and Go, all from the comfort of your tractor seat.




Nevada Equipment has been developed by leading dairy effluent specialists in Europe and New Zealand.



Nevada Equipment is tailored to New Zealand dairy farming conditions, with a core focus on improving productivity.



Nevada Equipment is renowned for providing dairy effluent solutions that are safe and reliable.

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